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Form Release Agents

Cresset Crete-Lease® Release Agents give you the quickest, most economical way to produce high visual impact concrete and specify the surface you want before you pour.  Crete-Lease contributes to LEED points, and exceeds Federal VOC and the more restrictive California and OTC regulations.  Non-toxic, non-flammable, oil-based or water-based.  Cresset also offers the Super-Strip® line economy blend alternative for Crete-Lease.

Crete-Lease® Architectural Release Agents:

Crete-Lease® 880-The Original:

This time-tested industry staple has been in use for over 60 years (before the “-Xtra” and “-Xtra with Poly-Release” products were added in 2008).   This product releases any kind of form or formliner (except expanded polystyrene) from hardened concrete.  It is the lowest viscosity release agent available and provides easy, clean stripping without bugholes and stains when used on pallets and equipment that contact concrete.

Crete-Lease® 880-VOC-Xtra Release Agent:

An environmentally friendly version of the industry staple Crete-Lease 880—The Original, this proprietary blend is comprised of neutralized vegetable oils in mineral oil that contains no waxes, silicones, or carcinogens; it’s also solventless and non-toxic.  Notably, this advanced composition exceeds Federal, OTC State, and California (250 g/L) VOC Regulations.  The end result mimics the surface of molds and site amenities with a superior finish for visually stunning concrete surfaces – without bugholes.

Crete-Lease® 20-VOC-Xtra Release Agent:

Non-toxic, non-flammable release agent is water-based and meets rigid OSHA, EPA and the lowest VOC rules.  Permits easy, stain-free removal of forms or formliners from hardened concrete without bugholes and is ordorless.

880-VOC Platinum®:

Cresset Platinum® is the latest advancement in Cresset’s Crete-Lease line of environmentally friendly architectural release agents. Utilizing proprietary new technology developed by our chemists, Platinum is a synthetic release agent that delivers premium performance and exceeds even the strictest environmental regulations. There is nothing else like it on the market.

Crete-Lease® Structural / Infrastructure Release Agents:

Crete-Lease® 727-Xtra Release Agent:

An improved version of Crete-Lease 727, it provides the same consistent performance with less odor and no Haz-Mat restrictions while meeting OSHA, EPA and the lowest VOC rules.  This vegetable/mineral oil-based release agent cleans forms for superior looking concrete and can be used with superplasticized and SCC concrete.  It can also be used as an architectural release agent.

Platinum 727

Platinum 727 is an improved synthetic version of Crete-Lease 727-Xtra. Powered by Cresset’s proprietary Platinum technology, this eco-friendly, low odor form release agent produces superior looking concrete surfaces, complies with all federal, state and local VOC regulations and works well in all temperature extremes.

Crete-Lease® Specific Purpose Release Agents:

The Crete-Lease Line produces high visual impact concrete surfaces.  Built by design using high-grade virgin materials.

Crete-Lease® 880-VOC-Xtra with Poly-Release®: 

Originally designed for “sticky” concrete it is 880-VOC-Xtra with an additive that makes it better.  Think of it as 880-VOC-Xtra on steroids.

Crete-Lease® 880-AQMD Release Agent: 

Reformulated from 880-VOC-Xtra to meet the new SCAQMD VOC regulation of less than 100g/L.  Eco-friendly formulation exceeds new, stringent California VOC regulations, while maximizing visual impact & mimicking form surfaces.

As part of its expanding new Chemistry “Green” technology line of products, the 880-AQMD has removed any mineral spirits; replacing them with a proprietary blend of neutralized vegetable oils in a low VOC synthetic non-petroleum oil to achieve a VOC of less than 5 g/L.

Crete-Lease® Bio-Tru®-Xtra Release Agent with Poly-Release®

Meets the ASTM Biodegradable rule of reaching its half-life in 28 days.  Mostly vegetable, it contains some mineral oil to get the cost down. It offers easy, stain-free removal of forms, formliners, pallets, etc. from hardened concrete and sprays from 20°F to 120°F.

Crete-Lease® Bio-Tru®-ALL-Xtra Release Agent with Poly-Release® 

100% biodegradable, 100% (ALL) vegetable.  The most environmentally complete and technically proficient release agent for site-cast and precast concrete construction applications.  Delivers high-impact visual results for architectural surfaces.

Crete-Lease® 810-Xtra Release Agent: 

For easy stripping use on pipe pallets and header rings for machine made pipes. Engineered for use without dilution with zero-slump (dry mixed) concrete.  Helps minimize clean-up of zero-slump mixers and other equipment.

Crete-Lease® Bond Breaker-Xtra For Tilt-Up: 

This new Chemistry “Green” technology water-based bond breaker is used for cast concrete slabs to promote the release of “freshly” poured tilt-up wall sections.  Meets VOC rules, contains no solvents, and requires virtually no stirring

Crete-Lease® “Latex” Aerosol Mold Release: 

A castor oil and alcohol mixture for use with natural rubber & latex molds.  Helps you produce blemish-free, textured and decorated concrete. Contains NO waxes, silicones or other ingredients that might interfere with painting, staining or sealing the concrete. Each aerosol can covers approx. 1,000 sq ft of surface area

Additional Benefits:

* Clean separation from the mold.

* Works with all concrete mixes.

*  Will not stain or discolor the concrete.

Super-Strip® Form Releases:

An Economy Blend Alternative For Crete-Lease

Super-Strip® 65 Form Release: 

An environmentally friendly, general purpose release agent for use on plywood (B/B, pre-oiled, etc.) and aluminum wall forms.  A proprietary blend of vegetable oils in mineral oils, it promotes easy form stripping and helps minimize clean-up of forms and equipment.  It is also good on aluminum forms and can be applied in temperatures from cold to very hot.

Super-Strip® “AquaBlend” Form Release: 

Our newest concentrate.  When properly used it produces very good looking concrete surfaces on most types of forms and it is inexpensive.  This water-soluble oil concentrate dilutes 1 gallon (or liter) with up to 4 gallons (or liters) of water.  Exceeds all Federal VOC and the more restrictive California and OTC regulations.

Descriptive Literature:


Precasters and Contractors Prefer Cresset Brands

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A brand perception study indicates that precasters, prestressors and contractors prefer Cresset release agents or form oils for concrete construction.  Free sample of water-based Crete-Lease® 20-VOC-Xtra.

CSI Specifications
CCS Guide

What are Release Agents? How do they work?  Discusses types, application methods, VOCs, etc. (19 pages)

Release Agents Booklet

Do it yourself “tests” to evaluate your current form release agents.

Test Your Form Oil

Large gang form used at the Redmond Campus of the Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, Washington.  Crete-Lease® 727 was chosen as the release agent here.