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Cresset | Form & Equipment Treatments
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Form & Equipment Treatments

Cresset offers several specialty products that are formulated to help precasters and contractors address the HUGE waste of operation expenses from “non-revenue” generating labor to keep forms and equipment in working order.

Spatter-Cote® Armor-Xtra Spatter Protection:

This eco-friendly product is a proprietary mixture of corrosion inhibitors and non-stick polymers that are applied to equipment surfaces exposed to concrete spatter.  Regular use of Spatter-Cote Armor-Xtra keeps equipment clean and free from build-up.  This prevents rework while retaining the surface quality, thus protecting the equipment – ultimately saving cleaning time, extending product service life, and preventing potential malfunctions.  The product’s predominantly water-based, virgin material is ideal for a myriad of applications such as: ready-mix trucks, highway concrete paving equipment, portable batch plants, concrete tools and accessories, hard surface furnishings during construction (i.e., windows, stairwells, etc.), screeds, back side of forms, “dry-mix” mixers, etc.

Spatter-Cote® 100-Xtra Spatter Protection:

For concrete spatter protection.  Spattered concrete washes away easily and keeps tools and equipment clean and in working order.  Washes off simply with water.  Ideal for removal of concrete spatter from the back ends of ready-mix trucks.   Also effectively removes concrete spatter and build-up from tools, forms, screeds and other equipment.  Also available in an aerosol spray can.

Store-Cote® RP-6-Xtra Rust Preventative:

Protects steel forms, equipment, and tools against rust and corrosion for up to six months. Does not harden or gel.  Does not require removal before using forms.  It also acts as a release agent.  No dusting on the concrete surface and no need to buy special sprayers.  Also available in an aerosol spray can.

Crete-Lease® “Break-In” Aluminum Form Conditioner:

“Seasons” (or oxidizes) new aluminum forms before first use with concrete…helps prevent concrete from sticking.  The water-based conditioner also acts as a cleaning agent to remove concrete build-up and is VOC compliant.

Form Cleaner 240 Rust Remover: 

Use to remove rust and concrete buildup on steel forms or equipment to be painted.  It is water-based, biodegradable, non-flammable, and exceeds VOCs in all states.  It also provides some rust protection to newly cleaned forms and equipment.

See the SDS / Spec Sheet Page for Safety Data Sheets and Specification Sheets.