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Cresset aerosol products include form release agents, concrete spatter protection, and rust preventatives for steel forms used to make concrete products. Cresset aerosols do not contain CFC’s or carcinogens. Release agent aerosols are convenient for applying to edge forms of tilt-up, flat work, etc., and for use on ornamental forms — just a few of the benefits. Plus Cresset aerosols spray upside down!

Crete-Lease® 20-VOC Aerosol Release Agent

This water-based aerosol release agent permits easy, stain-free removal of hardened concrete from forms, formliners and molds with minimal cleanup required. Ideal for small jobs including test cylinders, edge forms for tilt-up, ornamental projects and touch-ups.

Crete-Lease® 880-VOC Aerosol Release Agent

This aerosol contains the ideal form release agent for architectural projects where a blemish-free surface appearance is most important. Use it for small concrete projects such as countertops, decorative and ornamental. Not intended for use on foam-type or rubber molds.

Crete-Lease® “Latex” Aerosol Mold Release

A castor oil and alcohol mixture for use with natural rubber latex molds. Helps you produce blemish-free, textured and decorated concrete. Available in aerosol only for ornamental and other natural rubber custom molds.

Spatter-Cote® 100 Aerosol Spatter Protection

A quick, easy, inexpensive way to keep unwanted concrete spatter from building up on forms, vibrating screeds, mixers, scaffolds and equipment. Also effectively removes concrete spatter and build-up from tools, forms, screeds and other equipment.

Store-Cote® RP-6 Aerosol Rust Preventative

Protects steel forms, equipment and tools during storage. Covers 700 square feet per gallon. Reduces or eliminates rust on concrete forms and protects stored steel forms from rusting. It also acts as a release agent. No dusting on the concrete surface and no need to buy special sprayers.

See the SDS / Spec Sheet Page for Safety Data Sheets and Specification Sheets.

Crete-Lease 20-VOC Release Agent

Crete-Lease 880-VOC Release Agent

Crete-Lease LATEX Release Agent

Spatter-Cote 100 Spatter Protection

Store-Cote RP-6 Rust Preventative