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Cresset | About the company
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About the company

Cresset Chemical Company is a privately held manufacturing company producing and selling chemical products for the construction industry. Our products are environmentally friendly and include form release agents (approximately seventy-five percent of our business), curing compounds, concrete sealers, industrial hand cleaners, form treatments and spray application equipment. They exceed Federal EPA requirements and most meet or exceed the more restrictive regulations in California and OTC states like New York and New Jersey

Cresset has always maintained good relationships with customers, vendors, employees and financial institutions. We continue to actively participate with national and international organizations to promote and encourage the use of concrete as a good looking, durable construction material.

Since 1946, Cresset has lead the industry in the development of eco-responsible, innovative products and services. Our reputation is built on using quality, virgin materials and strict quality controls that produce attractive concrete surfaces and consistent products batch after batch, year after year. In addition to our eco-responsible products, we also offer USDA registered bio-based and bio-preferred products made from domestic sources that helps reduce crude oil imports.

A release agent is the least expensive item in any construction project yet it has a lasting effect on the surface appearance. Using Cresset’s premium form release agents actually reduces production costs by extending the workable lifespan of the form and minimizing the labor necessary to clean and prepare dirty molds. This is true with any project – from a fifty story high rise to lawn ornaments, culverts and concrete pipes.

Our architectural products are widely preferred because they enhance the appearance of high profile projects. Some examples include the award winning Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge, the new One World Trade Center (renamed Freedom Tower) in New York City and numerous sports arenas such as Levis’ Stadium in San Francisco and First Energy Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio.

Freedom Tower, NYC - One of many high profile buildings constructed using Cresset Architectural Release Agents.
Attractive checkerboard precast exterior created with Cresset Release Agent.