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Concrete is easy to work with, but extremely tough on hands and skin.  For over 60 years Cresset has been developing industry-proven, biodegradable hand protection that helps workers combat dry, cracked, chapping, irritated hands and skin from the effects of handling cement, lime, grease, and oils.


WorkZone® Hand Cleaner

The industry’s only pH neutral heavy duty hand cleaner that lotionizes dry, cement-sore hands.  Fortified with lotions and antiseptics to promote healing, it effectively cleans soils containing cement, lime, gypsum, plaster, and grease.  It can also be used as a spot remover, as well as, for cleaning of vinyl leather, removal of battery acid, aerosol paints, toners, felt tip pen marks, and elimination of residues from undercoating gasket sealing, and more.  It also stores indefinitely – which means you can keep it in your toolbox, glove box, tackle box, or anywhere in your home or work place.


Sol-Zol® Hand Cleaner

Lotionizes dry, work-sore skin to keep skin smooth.  Effectively removes soils containing cement, lime, gypsum, plaster, and grease.  Stores indefinitely.

See the SDS / Spec Sheet Page for Safety Data Sheets and Specification Sheets.