Spatter-Cote® 100-Xtra Uses

Spatter-Cote® 100-Xtra Spatter Protection helps you remove cement paste residue off the rear end of ready-mix trucks.  That was the first major use of it.  Over time, inventive people used it for many other applications.  Here are some of the more innovative uses.  If you wish to describe how to use it, please contact

Clean Forms
Many forms remain unused over the weekend.  Coat the forms with Spatter-Cote 100-Xtra at the end of the week and let them set until Monday or so.  Hose them off.  This helps you remove concrete build-up.

Spatter Cote 100

Coat screeds with Spatter-Cote 100-Xtra.  This makes them easier to clean at the end of the day.

Dump Trucks
Concrete for some highways is centrally mixed and hauled in dump trucks.  As concrete is added to the trucks it spatters all over the truck.  Regular use of Spatter-Cote 100-Xtra helps keep the trucks clean.

Ready-Mix Trucks
Spatter-Cote 100-Xtra applied to the inside of ready-mix trucks helps keep the interior of the drum clean.  Apply it before the first use of the day.

Ready-Mix Carts
Rental carts for hauling ready-mix concrete are kept cleaner by the regular use of Spatter-Cote 100-Xtra.  Apply to the inside and the outside surfaces of the cart.

See the SDS / Spec Sheet Page for the Material Safety Data Sheets and Specification Sheets.

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