How Store-Cote® RP-6 -Xtra Rust Preventative Works

Protects Steel Forms
Store-Cote RP-6-Xtra Rust Preventative protects steel forms from rusting even when stored outdoors in the elements.  You can spray Store-Cote RP-6-Xtra with your regular form oil sprayer.  It stays liquid and does not harden.  No more need to scrape or sand blast your steel forms to remove paint-like coatings.

To reuse your steel forms after storage, simply wipe off the accumulated dust and debris and apply any Crete-Lease Release Agent before placing fresh concrete.

Cresset RP6 Rust Prevent

How well does it work? 
Even though some specially formulated rust preventatives might prevent rust a little better, the advantages of using Store-Cote RP-6-Xtra far outweigh using one of them.  Rust preventatives not designed to release concrete cause considerable dusting on the surface of the hardened concrete.  Because Store-Cote RP-6-Xtra contains fatty acids and is a release agent, it lets you simply wipe off the accumulated dust and debris from the stored forms.  It blends in with your release agent spraying process and it promotes the easy reuse of forms and non-dusting on hardened concrete...all these combine to give you the best available rust protection technology.

What about salt water environments?
Air near coastal environments is much more corrosive because of the salt it contains.  The figure 6 in the name RP6 indicates that you can expect about six months of protection against rust.  It may be sooner than six months in environments close to salt water.  If you're in an area of salty air and your steel forms begin to show rust, simply apply another coating of Store-Cote RP-6-Xtra.  Repeat as often as necessary to protect the forms.

Why use RP-6-Xtra?
Five very good reasons: (1) Store-Cote RP-6-Xtra protects steel forms against rust, (2) applies with your existing spray equipment, (3) does not require scraping off, (4) residual Store-Cote RP-6-Xtra works as a release agent without causing dusting of the surface of the hardened concrete, and (5) meets VOC regulations in all states.  It's environmentally friendly.

New!  Now available in aerosol for tools, convenience and touch-up.  Most commonly supplied in 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.  Also available in 1 gallon bottles and 275 gallon MegaPaks.

See the SDS / Spec Sheet Page for the Material Safety Data Sheets and Specification Sheets.

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