Concrete solutions that go beyond the surface.

Cresset Concrete Standards (CCS)
Cresset Concrete Standards...a photographic guide to measure the visual impact of concrete surfaces.  Use it to get owner, architect/engineer, and contractor talking about the same thing.

Cresset Catalog
8 pages on Release Agents, Cure & Seals, Hand Cleaners, Sprayers, and more.

Release Agents Booklet
What are Release Agents?  How do they work?  Discusses types, application methods, VOCs, etc. (19 pages)

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Crete-Lease® Release Agents

Crete-Lease 20-VOC-Xtra Release Agent:  Water-based.  Use on any form. 
        Also available in Poly-Release.
Crete-Lease PLATINUM : Synthetic architectural release agent that complies with all federal, state & local regulations.

Crete-Lease 20-VOC Release Agent:  Water-based. Use on any form.  Also in aerosol.)
Crete-Lease 880-VOC-Xtra Release Agent:  Excellent appearance of concrete. 
        Also available in Poly-Release. 
Crete-Lease 880-VOC Release Agent:  Excellent appearance of concrete.  Also in aerosol.
Crete-Lease 880-AQMD Release Agent:  Excellent appearance of concrete.
Crete-Lease 727-Xtra Release Agent:  Good-looking concrete appearance.  Clean forms.
Crete-Lease 880 Release Agent:  Excellent appearance of concrete.
Crete-Lease Bio-Tru-Xtra Release Agent with Poly-Release: Meets the ASTM Biodegradable rule.
Crete-Lease Bio-Tru-All-Xtra Release Agent with Poly-Release: 100% bio-degradable,
        100% (ALL) vegetable.

Super-Strip® Form Releasers

Super-Strip 65 Form Releaser:  Good.  Also used on aluminum forms.
Super-Strip "AquaBlend" Form Releaser:  Good.  Also used on aluminum forms. 

Specific Purpose Release Agents

Crete-Lease 810-Xtra Release Agent:  For use on dry cast concrete. 
Crete-Lease “Latex” Aerosol Mold Release:  For use on natural rubber forms. 
        Available only in aerosol cans.


Crete-Trete 309-VOC Cure & Seal:  Water based.  High solids cure.
Super-Trete 110-VOC Cure & Seal:  Water based.  Medium solids cure and seal. 
Super-Trete 115 Matte Sealer:  Water based.  Matte finish sealer. 
Crete-Trete 400 Anti-Check Cure.  For hot, dry, windy climates. 

Bond Breaker

Crete-Lease "Bond Breaker-Xtra" for Tilt-Up:  Water-based.  Rain resistant. 

Form Treatments

Spatter-Cote Armor-Xtra Spatter Protection:  Just wash off concrete.strong>Just wash off concrete.
Spatter-Cote 100-Xtra Spatter Protection:  Just wash off concrete.
Store-Cote RP-6-Xtra Rust Preventative:  Protect stored steel forms. 
Crete-Lease "Break-In" Aluminum Form Conditioner:  Water based. 
        To condition aluminum forms.
Form Cleaner 240 Rust Remover:  Water based.  For use on steel forms.

Hand Cleaners:

Han•D Hand Cleaner


Form Sprayers

RovR 5860 Compressed Air Sprayer
5850 120 VAC Electric Sprayer
5830 Manual Sprayer

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