Form Sprayers

For producing the most economical and best looking concrete surfaces, use one of these Form Release Agent Sprayers.  Each sprayer promotes an application system for consistently and reliably producing good-looking concrete and clean forms.  Only Crete-Lease, applied in an ultra thin layer, strips cleanly and can reduce release agent costs by up to 80%.

None of these sprayers are recommended for use with curing compounds. Curing compound sprayers require different pump and valve seals and they apply ten times more fluid than necessary for economical applications and good-looking concrete.

RovR® 5860 Compressed Air Sprayer
Portable.  Compressed air tank holds up to 200 psi.  Air pressure in liquid tank is regulated up to 125 psi.  Both tanks meet ASME specifications.  Completely fill 3 gallon liquid tank for most cost effective applications.  Easily removable liquid tank adds even more portability.

5850 120-Volt Sprayer
Heavy duty electric sprayer...adjustable from 40 to 100 psi.  Sprays up to 2,000 square feet per gallon.  Sprays up to 700 feet from the sprayer (often used as central sprayer in a precast or prestressed plant).

5830 Manual Sprayer
1.5 usable gallons in 2 gallon stainless steel tank.  48 inch hose, 18 inch brass extension.  Choice of three fan tips.

CCS Guide

What are Release Agents?  How do they work? Discusses types, application methods, VOCs, etc. (19 pages)

Release Agents Booklet

Do it yourself "tests" to evaluate your current form release agents.

Test Your Form Oil

Form Sprayer 5850
Form Sprayer 5850

Form Spayer

RovR® 5860 Compressed Air Sprayer
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