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A Brand Perception Study reported in Construction Marketing magazine's April 1998 edition scored Cresset Release Agents as having the highest "Preference" rating among all manufacturers.

The study is about what a user perceives to be true in his own mind.  It ranked the "Awareness" and "Preference" of release agent manufacturers.  To arrive at the rankings, the study asked users to check off all the names they were familiar with from a list of about 30 names...but mark just one name as their preferred brand. Suppliers were then ranked in order of Awareness and Preference.

Cresset is a relatively small company in a very large industry...which led to a lower Awareness score.  The Preference score, however, listed Cresset as the #1 preferred manufacturer of form release agents.  This means that those who knew Cresset, preferred Cresset. While an admixture manufacturer’s name topped the list, they are simply a reseller of release agents manufactured by others...leaving Cresset as the #1 preferred brand of any manufacturer.

The study indicates that when users have tried Cresset release agents, they prefer them over those of any other single manufacturer.  It shows that once users know about the high performance and value of Cresset release agents, they prefer the Cresset brands.

These results from the Construction Marketing's Brand Perception Study should encourage you to try one of Cresset's release agents because it’s what other precasters, prestressors and concrete contractors say.  Thus the odds are high that you too will prefer Cresset brands over those of any other manufacturer.  The following information shows you a few of the reasons you should try the brand that others prefer the most!


Environmentally Friendly Crete-Lease® Release Agents (Form Oils) For Concrete Construction:

Common Characteristics - All Cresset Crete-Lease®
Release Agents:


See the SDS / Spec Sheet Page for the Material Safety Data Sheets and Specification Sheets.

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