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Introducing PLATINUM™ - Our New Premium Performance Synthetic Release Agent!

The Platinum Leaves

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Cresset Is America's Most Preferred
 Brand of Architectural Release Agents!

Release Agents / Form Treatments / Cures & Seals

For over 65 years, Cresset® Chemical Company has been an innovative leader in developing, distributing, and servicing site cast and precast Release Agents, Curing Compounds, Sealers, and other products for the concrete construction industry.  At the core of our competency are superior-looking surfaces − but we go beyond the surface to meet the complexity in today’s environmental landscape.  Cresset is driven to continually evolve its New Chemistry “Green” array of products to responsibly and safely meet your production, environmental, and OSHA requirements.

Formulated from high grade materials to produce consistent, predictable results − each Cresset product excels in specific applications and comes with a limited warranty.  Cresset serves the concrete industry via an integrated distribution network spanning the USA, Canada, and selected locations worldwide.

The Cresset-Release Advantage:

A myriad of structural, architectural, and specific-purpose job applications rely on Cresset’s complete line of eco-responsible chemical release agent products for the highest impact aesthetic results.  Crete-Lease® spearheads this line that is designed and engineered with virgin materials to meet the most demanding aesthetic, environmental, LEED, and traditional needs.  Additionally, we offer the economy blend Super-Strip® line. 



Quite simply, Cresset products release forms easily for a unique, eco-friendly, aesthetic advantage.

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